What Does Scorpio Season Hold for Los Angeles?

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Star City is a column that gazes into the astrological chart of Los Angeles, connecting heavenly bodies to the ground beneath our feet.

The wind picks up, rustling the now golden leaves that float gently down to embrace the earth below. Yet the change in weather does not dampen L.A.’s sunny disposition — you can probably still go swimming at your local pool without feeling a chill, after all. Even so, after the celebrations of the harvest come to a close, we are focused on what is meant to decay and release.

Los Angeles knows the energy of death fuels the greater good just as much as the creative pulse that beats within her. The grain goddesses, like Virgo and Demeter, make their yearly trips to the underworld following the harvest to take stock of all that has come to pass — and what has begun to rot. And as the season shines a light on the forces of corruption, it’s best that we dig deep and release what no longer serves us rather than sweep it under the rug. Cybele and her fellow mother goddesses will just shove our faces in it anyway, so we might as well embrace the process.

Scorpio Season Struggles

In the fall, the sun enters Scorpio, which bears the energy of primordial emergence, defense and survival. Scorpio does not want to release control, so we are confronted with some oppositional energy that will try at all costs to stave off the impending death of winter — even if it has to lie, cheat and steal to hold on for dear life. Death is life-affirming and a key natural process, and L.A., being a Virgo and innately tethered to the harvest, understands the season of rot; she simply uses it to make wine. We can tune into her ability to flow through the fermentation cycle with ease, it will just take a little patience on our part to pry open the claws of the Scorpion.

The new moon in Scorpio will fall on Nov. 4, where it will join the sun in L.A.’s First House of self-image and identity. Huge makeover energy will hit the city during the first week of November; don’t be surprised if you see a whole lot of rebranding, renovation and spin doctors abound. This will spell trouble for those who want to cling to the past and remain unchanged. But L.A. is simply trying to help push us through this renewal, so try not to fight it. Feel through your resistance to change and massage the knots. The city herself will seek a new look, and we could see changes in local government as corruption and other issues are dug up for all to witness.

Lunar Eclipse Lessons

As the moon makes its way through the heavens, L.A. will see a partial lunar eclipse Nov. 18-19 in her Seventh House of partnerships, relationships and marriage. The city has Chiron, the wounded healer, in Taurus here, causing her to require a good deal of security in her engagements. This makes her have a difficult time with commitments and amplifies a need for comfort and reassurance.

Keep an eye on relationships and obligations as stressful energy engulfs the city at the eclipse, which will bring forth everyone’s insecurities. We could even see some celebrity breakups. Be aware and look out for the truth behind the fear, especially if you have a partner whose past trauma resurfaces. This way, they can be healed rather than judged or ridiculed.

The eclipse falls on the infamous star known as Algol, the head of Medusa, carried by Perseus to save Andromeda from the Kraken. The slain Gorgon’s head provided a tool that aimed to reflect like a mirror the face of terror back upon itself. The warning here is very specific: Be cautious of what you are willing to do to fight a monster lest you become one yourself. Instead, try to see everyone’s inner unease so that we can avoid blame games and all move forward into deeper security with each other.

Overall, this November will be a perfect time to uproot rotten contracts, failed commitments and unsustainable agreements that need rectification and revamping rather than retaliation.

Note: This birth chart is figured by Marc Penfield, seen on astrotheme.com. L.A.’s time of birth: Tuesday, Sept. 4, 1781, at 9:18 a.m.

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