This Niche L.A. TikTok Takes on Los Feliz’s Figaro Bistrot

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There are few places as scene-y as Figaro Bistrot in Los Feliz, where the sidewalk is overtaken by tables filled with all types of people Instagramming their lattes and power lunches. TikTok creator Kelly Krauter hit the nail on the head with her impression of these patrons and the particular pain of trying to navigate around them on Vermont Avenue.

So far the video has generated lots of discussion among locals on topics ranging from the proper pronunciation of Los Feliz to, surprisingly and perhaps infuriatingly, whether or not the Vermont Avenue eatery is located in the Eastside.

“I did not expect for it to blow up the way it did, but it does have me considering doing more niche L.A. impressions for sure,” Krauter said.

We’re looking forward to it. And should any theatrical agents find themselves as entertained as we were, the actor/musician is indeed looking for representation.

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