Maggie West installation
Photo courtesy of Kilroy Realty

Hollywood’s New Public Art is a 5-Story Portrait Made of Sequins

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This morning, we finally got to see “Spectrum,” a new piece of public art in Hollywood. It’s a 65-foot-tall showstopper from Los Angeles artist Maggie West and fabricators SparkleMasters.

“Spectrum” is located on Vine Street, at a new 3.5-acre development from Kilroy Realty. It takes up an entire city block bounded by Vine Street and De Longpre, Ivar and Homewood avenues. When finished, the development will include Jardine, a 193-unit apartment tower and a new Netflix campus.

West is a Los Angeles-based photographer whose portraits play with color for truly stunning results. While West works for major brands and celebrities, she’s also worked on a series of provocative installations. In 2018, she debuted an immersive experience for Pornhub that imagined a sex-positive utopia in the year 2069. I covered this back when we did things outside the house and you can read about it here — though if you do, you will see mannequins in BDSM gear and a lot of dildos. West also worked on a sexting robot that appeared at the Museum of Sex in New York.

“Spectrum” features a picture of a woman looking off at some unseen object, her features highlighted in blues and pinks. It uses 39,000 powder-coated stainless steel sequins, affixed in such a way that the image fluctuates depending on the light and wind. According to a press release, the installation “explores gender expression and depicts an androgynous portrait of a young woman through an imagined lens of unhindered perception.” Considering that “Spectrum” is five stories high, you should be able to see it from some distance away.

You can also see it from your house. A virtual debut of the artwork premiered this morning at 10 a.m. and will loop all day until 4 p.m. Guest speakers include West; Jeremy Kirsch of SparkleMasters; John Kilroy, CEO and chairman of Kilroy Realty; and Genoveva Carmona, senior manager of global workplace design at Netflix. The event coincided with a donation to My Friend’s Place, a nonprofit for youth experiencing homelessness. My Friend’s Place Executive Director Heather Carmichael also appears during the event. Watch it here.

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